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Cover to Cover Co. helps writers at every stage of the writing process to produce, polish, and publish their best work so they can get from writer's block to holding a book in their hands at last.

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"Cover to Cover Co. convinced me to literally salvage my book from my computer's trash bin and worked with me through the entire editing, revision, and publishing phases. Michael's patience, steady encouragement, and insight were invaluable. He helped me complete a book I am truly proud of.”

Pat Pattison, Host of "The Best of California Award" TV show & author of the forthcoming book Creative YOU Turn: 9 Steps to Your New Creative Life & Career

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Michael Wolfe, MFA


I started Cover to Cover Co. after years of teaching writing, freelance editing, and producing custom books because I love working with writers and I want to demystify the process of both writing and publishing for those who are struggling to get their best ideas onto the page and into the world. Traditional publishing is elusive and challenging at best, and the self-publishing alternatives can be equally difficult to navigate. Cover to Cover Co. was founded on the fundamental idea that writers and books are essential, that the world is a better place because of them, and that it will only benefit from having more voices out there. Writing is hard work, there's no doubt about it, and publishing isn't easy, but neither of them should feel unattainable.

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